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Wedding Flowers

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Bouquets Flowers for a wedding should be organised with a florist about five months before the wedding but if possible ask friends, relatives or co-workers beforehand for their recommendations.

Wedding Flowers

Furthermore remember that although a florist will often be more than happy to give you a consultation they may well charge for this service.

A wedding bouquet may be quite simple or very elaborate and there are no set rules for choosing bridal bouquets. It should be noted, however, that the flowers and styles chosen should complement not only the colours but also the design of the wedding gowns.

Boutonnieres and Corsages Also don't forget that a variety of flower or colour chosen for the bride's bouquet may also be used for the boutonnieres and corsages as well as for the maid or matron of honour and the bridesmaids' bouquets, the flowers for the bride's hair and circlets for the bridesmaids or flower girls.

It can also be used in the creation of beautiful wedding reception table centre pieces and even to prettily adorn the wedding favours.

Bridal Flowers

Styles There are a few popular styles of wedding bouquets available today; these include the posy - also known as a nosegay or tussie mussie, the cascading bouquet which has a trail of flowers falling below the main bouquet and the hand-tied bouquet - made by flowers being gathered together to form a dome shape; the stems bound together, often with florist’s wire, and then tied with ribbon or lace and perhaps decorated with pearls, beads or crystals.

Floral Accessories

Varieties of Wedding Flowers The flowers used in the aforementioned and other wedding bouquets are many and varied but one wedding flower that is forever fashionable is the rose this is probably not only due to its exquisite beauty but also perhaps because of its association with everlasting love and devotion.

Other popular wedding flowers include carnations, lily of the valley, sweet peas, calla lilies, forget-me-nots - which traditionally symbolise ‘true love’ - orchids and hydrangeas.

Budget and Season Wedding flowers should also be chosen with availability and budget in mind or perhaps in keeping with the season. For example a bouquet for a spring wedding may include yellow and green flowers and foliage emphasising new beginnings.

Whereas a bouquet for a Christmas wedding may include flowers of red, arranged with ivy - meaning ‘wedded love and fidelity’ - or other green, glittering gold or silver coloured foliage.

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