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Ring Pillows and Ring Pillow Bearers

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Ring pillows are widely available made in white or ivory as well as other lovely coloured fabric. They may also be made to match the colours of the wedding.

Ring Pillow

A ring pillow is carried by a ring pillow bearer who carries the ‘wedding rings’ on the pillow but these are in fact not the real rings but faux rings which have been securely tied with ribbon or sewn to the ring pillow. He will usually precede or escort the flower girl in the wedding procession, who in turn walks in front of the bride.

Although a ring pillow bearer is by tradition a boy between the ages of four and eight, nowadays it’s quite acceptable for this task to be carried out by a young girl and in addition, for there to be more than one ring pillow bearer.

Ring bearers, train bearers and flower girls are a great way of including young children in the wedding party.

However, as the best man is usually the person who is entrusted with the care of the real rings, if you don’t know any young children who you feel can carry out this duty or you simply do not wish to include young children in the wedding party, a ring pillow bearer is of course not essential.