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Flower Baskets and Flower Girls

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

A flower basket is a pretty basket which is traditionally filled with rose petals but can, of course, be filled with the flower petals of your choice. The petal filled basket is held by a flower girl, who scatters them, as she walks down the aisle, leaving a path of petals behind her for the bride to walk on.

Flower Girl with Flower basket

A flower girl usually walks behind or is escorted by the ring bearer and precedes the bride in the wedding procession. If you wish to have more than one flower girl the girls can either walk side by side or one in front of the other.

The age of a flower girl is usually between four and eight years old and, therefore, a great way of involving young children in a wedding. However if you don’t know any children that you can entrust this duty to or you simply do not wish to include children in the wedding party, a flower girl is, naturally, not essential.

Flower Girl Duties The Duties of the Bridal Flower Girls

  • Flower girls attend the bridal shower

  • Attend the ceremony rehearsal

  • Families of flower girls are expected to pay for dresses and accessories

The Wedding Ceremony

  • They walk directly in front of the bride into the church

  • They also walk in front of the Maid of Honour when leaving the ceremony

  • As they walk down the aisle, they may scatter flowers or rose-petals

  • They may carry a small bouquet, a ring of flowers, a pomander bouquet or kissing ball

  • The flower girls may stand near the bridesmaids or sit with their families

  • Is photographed as part of the wedding party

At the Reception

  • The flower girls usually sit with their families not at the bridal table

  • Has several dances with the page boy or ring bearer