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Children At The Wedding Reception

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Children at Weddings Children at weddings? This is the subject of endless debate. On one hand there are those who feel the whole family should be invited to share in the festivities. Still there are others that feel children are too immature and can't be counted on to behave. Read on for a look at children at weddings.

Children at Weddings

Where do children sit at a wedding reception? Children will generally sit with their parents, though depending on their age you might like to think about having a kids only table - check with your caterers some will offer kids meals at lower prices. However if you do choose this option don’t forget that kids can sometimes get a little rowdy, so you’ll probably need to appoint someone to keep an eye on them.

Too Immature? Whether or not children belong at a wedding depends on the Happy Couple. As a guest it is up to you to respect their wishes. Understand that if you're child is not invited it is in no way an affront to you and your children. Instead try and see the bride and grooms perspective. Children at weddings can't always be counted on to behave. Babies cry during the wedding ceremony and young children fidget and ask questions. Think of how the bride and groom might feel as they're reciting their vows while a baby is crying in the background. In many cases parents can control their children, but what about those who can't or won't? The church isn't the only consideration. Children at wedding receptions can also be disruptive. It isn't fair to ask a child to sit and behave himself for hours on end. He might act up if he gets bored.

Participation Many parents feel they can't enjoy wedding festivities such as dancing with if children are attending. Consider if it wouldn't be more enjoyable for you to leave the kids with someone else for the day so you can go to the wedding.

If You Invite One... You may feel the bride and groom should make an exception and invite your child to the wedding. After all she's such a good girl and the bride adores her. The thing is, you might not be the only guest who feels this way. If the Happy Couple allows one child to attend, they will have to allow everyone to bring children or they will feel snubbed.

Cost of Children at Weddings An important consideration is that children cost money too. The bride and groom have to pay by the head, no matter how little that head may be. When you consider that many children are picky eaters, their meal may even go to waste.

Babysitter If parents refuse to leave their children at home, there's a way to have children at weddings that might satisfy all involved. The Happy Couple might consider hiring a baby sitter. Many churches and reception halls have areas set aside for children. Parents won't have to leave their children at home and the bride and groom don't have to worry about whether or not children might be disruptive.

Children at Weddings If the Happy Couple has no qualms at all about having children at their wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. Young children may be bored. Bring colouring books, crayons and other activities that might keep them amused for a few hours. Young children might not appreciate wedding food. If you have a picky child and the catering facility doesn't offer chicken fingers, you might consider bringing your child's food. If the party is lasting late into the night you may have to leave early. Especially if your children tend to get cranky when they miss their bed times. Whether or not there should be children at weddings is entirely up to the bride and groom. If they decide they would rather not invite children, please respect their wishes. After all, they're the ones who will have to pay for the extra little heads.

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