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Drone Video

Adds a new dimension to your wedding video

As the sun rises over the bay, a camera soars 100 metres in the air over the ocean to film waves crashing onto a secluded beach, cliffs rising from the sand below and sweeping grass-covered bluffs stretching out for kilometres.


The spectacular footage isn’t for the latest National Geographic IMax movie. It’s a built-in wedding video camera in a drone being used to document the stunning natural surroundings that provided the backdrop for a recent ceremony at the hotel on the bay.

Important to know:

Remote Control multi-rotor aircraft were pretty much made to carry a camera. With GPS flight-control systems, they can stand and hover in a fixed position on their own, track a moving subject, and they are highly maneuverable. With a drone, you can add a whole new dimension to your wedding video.

Wedding videography and photography has remained unchanged for years. Couples looking to venture outside the norm can turn traditional wedding memories into amazing overhead perspectives, by hiring a properly certified drone operator for their wedding. 



In Australia, to work legally, commercial drone operators must be certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Wedding Media Productions has access to Australia's largest directory of CASA certified drone operators. 

Estimate of Costs

A drone really allows you to capture a wedding from cool vantage points.
We charge from $300.00 per hour for wedding Video and Photography work. This is a starting rate and can change depending on factors such as:

  • Travel time

  • If an extra operator or observer is required on site to carry  out the job safely

  • How complicated the job is

  • Sometimes an Area Approval needs to be submitted to CASA and Air Services Australia. If required, this will be an additional expense.

Five tips you need to know about drones

1. Certification
Drone operators by Australian law must be certified by CASA in order for them to be allowed to do business with you. 

2. Insurance
It is imperative you also make sure your chosen drone operator holds a current public liability insurance policy that specifically covers the operation of a drone (RPA/UAS). We do not employ any operator who does not have insurance

3. Relevant experience
All Drone operators we employ have experience with weddings and similar events. We are happy to demonstrate this by showing you their sample images and videos (their 'show reel').

4. Travel expenses
Drone operators  will probably need to add travel expenses.

5. Area approval
Sometimes drone operators will need to request an area approval from CASA, depending on the job location and other factors. We will advise you of these needs when you request a quote. Areas can be off-limit for commercial operators, of which Wedding Videographers are classified. Some areas require special approval. The reason for these restrictions mainly relates to the safety of commercial passenger aircraft and the air lanes that they operate in.


We have maps and diagrams that we can provide you to show which areas in Sydney are available for drones to operate in.