Surveys taken after the wedding day, show that one of the most common and biggest of a bride’s top regrets is not have a wedding video.

According to the Huffington Post, not having a videographer is a wedding day regret that 98% of brides have. Make sure you leave room in your budget for a professional Videographer.


Many brides think, “when will I ever watch a video” they have heard of experiences where people have been virtually sat down and forced to watch a wedding video. That alone would turn someone off having a Video.


Relative to a full lifetime, a wedding day is a an instant in time that speeds past quicker than could be imagined. It is critical to capture those moments in professional way. 

It may be the last or only time all the family are together, the only time some of these friends will be together or the most composed and beautiful a bride will ever look. All of these reasons demand that these memories are preserved. It Is important to get a professional videographer.

Photos are fantastic, but its a truely emotional and special feeling about watching yourself walk down the aisle, re-living the moment your husband sees you in your dress for the first time and, remembering  your vows, also the wedding speeches and your first dance. 

“My sister captured a few seconds of our vows on her mobile phone,” said one bride. “It’s shaky and it’s cut-off before we finish the vows, but it’s the only video I have of my vows. I’d love to have seen them as everyone else saw them and we both really wish we’d splurged on a videographer.
“Our photos provide wonderful memories, but secretly, I wish I had a video of our ceremony and my father-daughter dance with my Dad, too.”

Other top regrets that Brides have: 


Just let it happen. Enjoy the experience with your husband, family, and bridesmaids and most importantly, enjoy yourself. 

Let the organisers look after the detail. When you are planning the day, make sure that the contractors that you employ - DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Caterer - all have enough information to be able to make their own decisions on the day without having to refer to the Bridal couple.

Brides who stressed on the details missed the experience of the day. Look for the little things that will make the day so special. It will be over before you know it.


It would be great wear a pair of shoes that look amazing, but if you to have to walk (or hobble) around in them for an entire day, that’t another thing.

Pick shoes that are comfortable and stylish, rather something based purely on how they look.


There is one thing that can’t be guaranteed: fine weather is not always going to happen, bad weather can creep in, even on your wedding day.

For those having a ceremony or reception outside, be sure to have a back-up plan in place. Select a location that has an indoor space available in case an unexpected storm.

“I felt obliged to invite so many people I didn’t even know.”

A few interlopers are almost inevitable, but it would be a real pity if you felt like a stranger at your own wedding. Your wedding should be about you and your future husband, not who will be offended if they’re not invited. 

Invite the people that you truly want to have there, those people who have been supportive of your life and your relationship. 

Avoid inviting anyone who you think will cause a scene or bring feelings of discomfort to yourself, your new spouse and your guests. It is your day; invite people that will add to it, not those who will cause drama.


The logistics of a wedding are truly the most difficult to manage. A reception site that was more than 20 minutes from the ceremony will require allowance for extra time to let guests, particularly those from out-of- town to proceed between the two locations. 

Also parking facilities should be evaluated, particularly in CBD or popular areas are like beaches. 

Be aware that Photographers and Videographers need to get easily and find close parking to be able to be with the Bride and Groom, who most likely will have the convenience of a hire car that has a driver who can stay with the car. This is really important when locations for Photos are being considered.

PERSONAL STORY - Related to Alan Berg - https://plus.google.com/+AlanBerg


“I was recently helping my parents clean out their house when I came across a box of old 8mm movie reels. Most of them were shot with the family movie camera when my sister and I were kids. One of them was larger and in a nice, plastic case, not a metal canister. I couldn’t remember seeing it before and was curious about what could be on it.

So, I dug out the movie projector (that’s what we had before DVD players and VCRs), blew the dust off and fired it up. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The images were of my parents’ wedding in 1954, but they didn’t look like the home made images of my youth, they looked better. I was speechless as I watched the silent images of their ceremony and reception.

There stood my parents, happy and youthful, sharing their wedding day with friends and relatives, many of whom were no longer with us. I saw their first dance. I saw my grandparents, who were probably my age now. I saw my great-grandparents, who were probably the age my parents are now.
I asked my mother about the film and she said that they had hired a professional for the wedding. While that’s commonplace now, I’m sure it was very progressive in 1954.

Fast-forward 18 years and I’m approaching my own 29th anniversary. I would love to be able to pop in a DVD and watch the highlights from our wedding. I’d love to hear our vows, see our first dance and watch our friends and family getting down on the dance floor, but I can’t.

You see, when we were planning our wedding, B.I. (Before the Internet), no one asked us if we wanted video, so we never really had a chance to decide. We were the first of our friends to get married and we didn’t have anyone to ask. All my fiancé had for planning help was a national wedding magazine to look at for dresses. There were no wedding TV shows or local magazines.

“I would love to be able to pop in a DVD and watch the highlights from our wedding. I’d love to hear our vows, see our first dance and watch our friends and family getting down on the dance floor, but I can’t.”

If someone came to us on our 29th anniversary and said they had a video of our wedding, what do you think it would be worth to us? Priceless, right? When I see the amazing wedding movies that today’s brides are getting, it makes me wish, even more, that we had one of our wedding. If only we could share with our two sons those special memories. One day, when we have grandchildren, I’d love to be able share those memories with them.

I’ve been in wedding media for over 20 years and one of a couple’s biggest regrets after their wedding is not having a video. Lucky for you, if you’re reading this, you still have the chance to capture your wedding memories for your children and grandchildren. If you already know you’re having professional video, great. If you’re on the fence, I hope my personal story will help you decide.
If you were thinking of not having professional video, do yourselves a favour and at least take a look at what’s being done by today’s video pros. Your future grandchildren will thank you.
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