How we film our Cinematic Wedding Video Productions

We capture the romance of your wonderful day by creating an elegant wedding video production that is set with all the style and emotion of the wedding you have planned.

Your wedding video production will be a timeless documentary, meticulously and stylishly detailed for you to remember and pass onto generations to come.

Our goal is to be discreet and unobtrusive, capturing the moment and not the attention for your one incredible day.


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image still taken from our videos

When preparing the Video production, we aim to give you exactly what you want. We plan and co-ordinate with you before the event and discuss the details you would like us to film (examples: Preparations, bride and groom - Ceremony - Photos - Reception) and edit style that you would prefer. Should you wish, we can also film you both, some days prior to the wedding day, this can be played at your reception. We can also put a slide show together of any photos you have leading up to the wedding day (these can tell the story of how the proposal took place and where - it can even include your family and friends, if you wish).

Your wedding day is edited into a movie style highlights video of 20 minutes set to music and with selected audio from the ceremony and reception. The highlights have both moving and still images – some set in B&W for effect, sometimes in a “Sin City” style, others are slowed to capture the romance of the day and fixed with flowing transitions and fades for an emotive effect.

image still taken from our videos

The video production is supplied on USB Thumb Drive or uploaded to your Cloud services. Keep-sake DVD or Blu-Ray are also available. High Definition videos of both the Highlights and the Full wedding will give you a cinematic record of the wedding as well retaining all of the events of the day for you to remember and for posterity.

This is what we film, dependant on the length of time we are booked:

  • Preparations of both Bride & Groom, before the Ceremony 
  • The interior of the church or views of the venue. 
  • The guests as they arrive and also the boys while they are waiting with the celebrant. 
  • The whole ceremony from bridal entrance to signing of the register. 
  • Lapel Microphone on the groom for clear vows and a separate audio recorder to capture the proceedings. 
  • The Celebrant’s announcement of “Mr and Mrs" as husband and wife.
  • The Bride and Groom leaving the ceremony.  
  •  Family and guests greeting the Bride and Groom after leaving the venue 
  • The photo shoot location and film the casual and non-posed moments as well as the formal photos shots. We use creative panning to break the formal shots and make them more interesting to view on the DVD. 
  • The reception entrance is recorded in full with all the bridal party. Before the formal entrance we creatively film the decorations at the venue and guests as they arrive (using the slider and dolly as well as creative close-ups). 
  • During the reception we film the food as it arrives on trays and its service to the tables 
  • The speeches in their entirety. 
  • Any entertainment. 
  • Cutting of the cake. 
  • First dance and any special dances - father's dance. 
  • A selection of the guests dancing 
  • Bouquet and garter. 
  • Farewell formalities 
  • The Bride and groom leaving and walking into the night
  • We can also record messages, on camera: 
- of Bride and Groom to each other prior to the ceremony: 
- Parents: 
- Table Guests: 

- Bride & Groom to record to camera a "Thank you to guests" 

We use the latest 4K Cinema Digital Cameras

We use 4K UHD Cinema Digital cameras to give the footage the highest quality so that it show clear and crisp on your TV or computer. Cinema cameras allow us to film with the same resolution that is used for films in a movie theatre.

Sound is a critical part of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom need to be heard clearly, to ensure the words are clearly audible, we wire the groom with a wireless lapel microphone for the ceremony – it takes a minute or 2 to set up prior to the ceremony and the same to disconnect in a quiet moment after all the guests have been greeted, after the ceremony. The PA and audience sound is also captured, separately, by both cameras.

image still taken from our videos

We can also record comments from the the bride and groom to each other, prior to the ceremony. Testimonials and comments can also recorded from family and guests of your choosing.

Also as part of the wedding video production, we capture all the action that you require in the time frame we are present. Whenever you request anything, special, we are there to capture it for you.

image still taken from our videos

Our goal is to be discreet and unobtrusive, capturing the moment and not the attention for your one incredible day.

This is achieved by

 Being so unobtrusive, that after you watch your Wedding Video you'll be stunned at the footage we captured without your knowing it.

 Using only broadcast quality DIGITAL video cameras for all of our Wedding Videography. These offer crisper sharper images even inside the church. All packages use 2 x cameras.

 Using professional sound equipment. Including wireless label microphones, portable voice recorders for interviews and testimonials.

We also use a long distance ‘Shot” microphone on the second camera
for close up sound in the ceremony.

Using state-of-the-art DIGITAL NON-LINEAR editing equipment so that your Wedding Video is always of the highest possible quality.

 Planning and co-ordinating with you in advance to ensure a personalised and unique Production.

That we use beautiful but tasteful special effects and transitions as well as unsurpassed style and creativity. You choose from different styles we can offer from Romantic to MTV split screen.

The USB Thumb Drive Supplied is an 16 Gb SanDisk USB for long life High Definition Video.

Our past clients say a lot of good things about our wedding productions. But ultimately, it's what YOU say that matters. Take a look at some of our work, and then call us – we’re good

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