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Australia has said YES to Marriage Equality - The law has changed, we are filming all weddings.

For two people who want to spend their lives together, marriage equality is a wonderful thing. Love takes no notice of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, background or culture - and nor do we. We are ready and waiting for you now the law has changed.

Bruce Macbryde

Bruce has been filming and providing wedding video productions since 2004 and editing both his own and other videographers’ footage in documentary and cinematic wedding video styles.

We use 4K UHD cinema digital cameras for cinematic wedding video production. The main camera is for both fixed and mobile shots to capture the intimate scenes of the ceremony. The second camera is set in a fixed position and usually will be set at wide angle. 

The scenes of Preparations, Still Photography and other activities of the day are filmed in a documentary or cinematic wedding video style.

We feel that being as unobtrusive as possible is the key to a perfect video without intruding on your day. Our intention is to create a natural, classic and candid approach to your wedding day. We are happy to work in any style to suit your wishes.

If at all possible we use natural light, during the day, as it produces the best images. A camera light maybe used at the reception to provide a soft filtered light. This prevents images from becoming grainy and is used only where absolutely necessary.

Sound is critical for video and we use Sennheiser label mics for the ceremony (to ensure the vows are clearly captured) As well as the cameras mics, we use a separate sound recorder to ensure all sound of ceremony and speeches are captured is the best quality. We also use a long distance ‘Shot” microphone on the second camera for close up sound in the ceremony.

We use professional 4K Cinema Cameras, and Final Cut Pro as our editing suite.

Bruce is also an experienced tutor for Final Cut Pro and has been teaching the software since 2005, and has been using Final Cut Pro for professional editing since 2002.

Bruce has filmed and edited commercial videos from many different industry types. Included are: Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Christenings, Family gatherings, Promotional events, Seminars, Role playing, Company meetings, Speeches, Talking heads and interviews, Award ceremonies, Demo videos, Exhibitions, Conferences, Public relations material, Employee communication, PR videos, Testimonial videos, Customer relations videos, H.R. videos for induction and Personnel development.

Bruce is also a trained graphic designer.


Sandra Macbryde

Sandra assists in the production of cinematic wedding videos by operating the second camera which portrays alternative angles to show different aspects of your day. Without the second camera it would be impossible to capture the entrance to the Church showing views of the bride walking down the aisle and the wedding gown from both front and back. 



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